Our Services

Deliver 7 Days a Week

Many of you are open 7 days a week, so why shouldn’t we be? We understand the importance of being there for our customers when they need us and that kitchen inventories change daily. That’s why we deliver every day, rain or shine, including most major holidays!

Split Cases

Don’t need a full case? Reduce waste and inventory by ordering only what you need. We split cases all the way to a pound of potatoes or a jar of garlic and allow our customers to order exactly what they need.

Professionally Picked and Cleaned Produce

Reduce labor and waste costs by getting a fully usable product. We pick and clean the produce we receive so that you don’t have to. Our staff inspects every case and only sends out a customer order if it meets our strictest quality standards.

Multiple Runs When Needed

Our customers know that they are covered no matter what. Chefs and kitchen managers sometimes forget to order items or run out of produce in the middle of the day. Call us up at anytime during the day and we will try our best to serve you!

Personalized Service

Our drivers not only get to know your staff and any specific preferences of your chefs, but will also give you the personalized attention you need, including even putting date stickers on all your produce.

Payment Terms Available*

Credit terms available pending simple credit application and soft credit check.